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Think Mindfully.
Teach Skillfully.
Live Intentionally.
Share Yoga.
Be Infinite Yoga School's one-of-a-kind teacher training programs with Alexis Martin + guest faculty will give you the tools, hands-on experience, and confidence needed to teacher dynamic, challenging, & inspiring yoga classes. These multidimensional programs are specifically designed for those who are ready to deepend their knowledge base, teach with authenticity, expand their repertoire, & amplify their effectiveness in offerring yoga as a vehicle for positive personal and planetary transformation.
  January-November 2019
***2020 Dates Coming Soon! Please email for more info or to register.***
Yoga. Hiking. Meditation. Connection. Healing.
Sedona, Arizona
October 16-20, 2019
Join us for a yoga immersion adventure retreat that will reconnect your body, mind, & soul in the spiritual surrounding of Sedona's astounding beauty and natural diversity.
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Alexis Martin Yoga
Thank you for your guidance, your
authenticity, your incredible knowledge,
and your passion for kinetic art.
Thank you for pushing me in places I
thought I was pretty stable. Thank you for
the huge emotional lump that grew
in my throat when you whispered,
'I'm going to let you do it,
' in a deep twist. Thank you for the tears
that came to my eyes when our group
was flowing together that last night
at sunset. Thank you for the giggles and
wisdom you shared on the catamaran.
Thank you for showing me that SUP
handstands are hard for even badass
ninjas like you. Thank you for sharing
your practice both on and off the mat. 
-Sarah Paskin aka @yoga_sarah1 

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