Phillip & Ivy Askew Yoga Weekend
Hosted by Alexis Martin Yoga
April 13 - 14, 2019
Hot Yoga Lounge  |  25 Pine Cone Drive Suite 3B/4, Palm Coast, FL 32164
Entire Weekend Investment: SOLD OUT
Individual Classes: $55 (after April 1st $65)
***Phillip is also offerring private sessions over the weekend. This is a specialty experience that you don't want to miss. Only a limited number of privates are available, so be sure to reserve early. Email or call Alexis at 386-214-3769 or to schedule your own personal session.
Weekend Schedule & Class Descriptions ...
Phillip Askew Yoga (SOLD OUT)
Saturday, April 13th (9:30am-12pm)
$55 Early/$65 after April 1st

A form of flow, a flow of forms ... Phillip Askew Yoga is a structured, yet creative and dynamic blend of classical poses and techniques rethought, reworked, and refined through a contemporary kinesiological lens. Ancient and modern, contemporary and classical, distinct, poetic, and informed, it seamlessly interweaves a multitude of lineages into a single warp and weft, a progressive arc, at once invigorating and meditative, to inspire and empower those students who genuinely seek to grow their practice. Utilizing story-telling strategies, proper anatomical alignment, subtle-body cueing, pose/counter-pose dynamics and Wave Theory Sequencing, it will take you on a journey through your body and psyche and deliver you to a place of deep opening and inner strength. 

The Joy of Handstand: Inversion Therapy (SOLD OUT)
Saturday, April 13th (1:30pm-4pm)
$55 Early/$65 after April 1st
The Joy of Handstand is alchemical: gravitational pole reversal induces certain physiological effects throughout the body. In the endochrine system, there is a slow of hormones from the cranial vault promoting health and impeding age. In the circulatory system, blood pressure and heart rate are reduced while venous return increases. Tissue fluids of the lower extremities drain, clearing congestion & enabling a more efficient exchange between cells. The entire lymphatic system is stimulated, strengthening the immune system. And the product is euphoria!

Then, there is the exhilaration of overcoming one's own psychology, one's own psychological burdens; of relinquishing one's irrational fears' of refining one's understanding, by plunging deeply into reality as it is, emerging clearer and calmer, more empowered and connected.

Finally, the joy of Handstand is technical. Information is power. The better you understand the dynamis of inversion, the more power and freedom you can find while practicing them. Come learn a system of exercises specifically designed to translate these dynamics into your body.

Full Practice: Master Class
Sunday, April 14th (9:30am-12pm)
$55 Early/$65 after April 1st

A complete circle, a full revolution. Drop in & dig deep for hip-opening sequences yielding stability, sensuality, and satisfaction. Open to channel the superabundant cosmic energy by backbending in devotion and integrity. Change your mind, change your perspecgtive; experience joy, exhilaration, and empowerment of inversions. Flush you organs, floss your joints, cleanse your body, clear your mind. Wring out your insides, yielding clarity, mobility, & a refreshing serenity. All in this master class, thematically layered & expertly timed to an emotional arc so as to elicit a powerful cathartic experience. Rhythmic, technique-oriented, and inspiring.

Center Ring: Occupy Your Sphere
Pranayama & Meditation for all levels
Sunday, April 14th (1:30pm-4pm)
$55 Early/$65 after April 1st
Orientation in Time and Space through Pranayama & the Taoist Macrocosmic Orbit - a highly effective visualization exercise designed to move you forward in life. Reconciling grace with effort, potential with memory, goals with will power, vision with patience, and understanding where to access each within your sphere of influence will bring you into a truer Center, the axis of your wheel, the calm of your storm.
Any questions or inquiries: Contact Alexis Martin at  or 386.214.3769
Refund Policy: One month prior to event FULL refund less $20.  After 1 month prior to event - NO REFUNDS.


I came to Yoga no stranger to the joys of physicality. But my body was a wreck from sports that I played growing up. I was tremendously inflexible with ailments in my neck and back. For me, at the time, the simplest postures were- not only deeply therapeutic- but poignant vehicles for psychic transformation. It was this effect on my conscious mind that hooked me into the practice. I spent years in home practice before ever coming to class, thinking that my experience was too personal to share in a group setting. But, when I took my first Vinyasa class, in a room full of people, all practicing with one intention, all stoking the same fire, I fell in love with Vinyasa; and pursued it through various avenues over the years, searching out the through-lines and common threads from one school to the next, & embracing the lifestyle of the Contemporary Yoga Movement. I teach today from that space between, in an attempt to convey the love story between form and flow, dancer and witness, devotion and integrity, Sun and Moon. I look forward to our practice together!  


April 13 - 14, 2019
Entire Weekend
$215 (after April 1st $250)
25 Pine Cone Drive, Suite 3B/4
Palm Coast, FL 32164
Any questions or inquiries
contact Alexis Martin at
or 386.214.3769


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