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Welcome! I’m so glad you have arrived. This webpage is for you and all our fellow yoga pilgrims.   
I would be honored to meet you in person at one of my yoga classes, workshops, teacher trainings, retreats, or at the very least, connect via social media. Why? Because yoga is about relationships, community, and communion - and ah-ha moments, are contagious. 
We are kinetic art. Always changing, always flowing, always beautiful. My hope is that you are inspired to infiltrate every cell of your life with this beautiful tool we call the yoga practice. May you be provoked to connect with your inner courage, invoked with the beauty of your unique magnificence, and then passionately evoke your dharma with love and joy.

Alexis Martin Yoga
Alexis is a natural teacher with a passion to warm hearts, open minds, and diminish fear.

Alexis Martin Yoga
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Alexis Martin Yoga
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Think Mindfully.
Teach Skillfully.
Live Intentionally.
Share Yoga.
Be Infinite Yoga School's one-of-a-kind teacher training programs with Alexis Martin + guest faculty will give you the tools, hands-on experience, and confidence needed to teacher dynamic, challenging, & inspiring yoga classes. These multidimensional programs are specifically designed for those who are ready to deepend their knowledge base, teach with authenticity, expand their repertoire, & amplify their effectiveness in offerring yoga as a vehicle for positive personal and planetary transformation.
  January-November 2019
***2020 Dates Coming Soon! Please email for more info or to register.***
Yoga. Hiking. Meditation. Connection. Healing.
Sedona, Arizona
October 16-20, 2019
Join us for a yoga immersion adventure retreat that will reconnect your body, mind, & soul in the spiritual surrounding of Sedona's astounding beauty and natural diversity.
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Alexis Martin
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